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Most runs in international cricket – 2024

In the pantheon of cricket records, few achievements hold the same weight as scoring the most runs. It’s a testament to longevity, consistency, and batting prowess, etching your name onto a list revered by fans and players alike. Today, we dig into the world of run-scoring behemoths, exploring the players who reign the Most runs in international cricket.

Most runs in international cricket
Most runs in international cricket – 2024

Most runs in international cricket – 2024

International cricket, the pinnacle of the sport, has witnessed the rise and fall of many legendary batsmen who etched their names in the record books with their extraordinary run-scoring prowess.

Here is the list of Most runs in international cricket:

S.No.PlayerMatchInningsNot-outRunsHighest ScoreAverage ScoreStrike Rate100504s6s
1.SR Tendulkar6647827434357248*48.5267.58*1001644076+264
2.KC Sangakkara594666672801631946.7766.56631533015159
3.RT Ponting560668702748325745.9568.48711462781246
4.V Kohli5225808626733254*54.1179.46801392646294
5.DPMD Jayawardene652725622595737439.1564.73541362679170
6.JH Kallis519617972553422449.1056.30621492455254
7.R Dravid509605722420827045.4151.9848146260466
8.BC Lara4305213822358400*46.2868.08531112601221
9.ST Jayasuriya586651352103234034.1481.17421032486352
10.S Chanderpaul4545539420988203*45.7252.27411252041126
12.AB de Villiers4204846820014278*48.1174.71471092004328
13.CH Gayle483551351959333337.9777.22421052332553
14.JE Root338437481883125448.4066.45461041859108
15.HM Amla3494373618672311*46.5665.015588213893
16.DA Warner3724632518612335*42.4985.8049942064304
17.SC Ganguly424488401857523941.4662.99381072022247
18.SR Waugh4935481041849620041.6557.033595170588
19.RG Sharma467489641842026443.3487.25461001757590
20.LRPL Taylor450510841819929042.7273.2440931766273
21.Younis Khan408491451779031339.8860.5741831691138
22.AR Border429517831769820540.7748.76*30102166171
23.TM Dilshan497527641767119338.1680.7639832011112
24.KS Williamson350412451762025148.0166.5442961778134
25.Mohammad Yousuf381432521730022345.5263.2339971747142
26.MS Dhoni5385261421726622444.9679.07161081486359
27.V Sehwag374443151725331940.3192.5538722408243
28.GC Smith347432251723627742.3469.103790207694
29.MJ Clarke3944497117112329*45.2665.7336861672102
30.ME Waugh372445371652917340.5162.573897149598
31.Javed Miandad3574076216213280*46.9954.83*31931233+92+
32.DL Haynes354439531613518441.8053.31*35961586+77+
33.SPD Smith325379501594923948.4764.3744771612129
34.AN Cook257387201573729442.8851.143876181521
35.PA de Silva401455411564526737.7866.21*31861449+150+
36.M Azharuddin433455631559319939.7766.92*29791342+96+
37.AC Gilchrist3964293215461204*38.9491.4333811866262
38.SP Fleming3964633115319274*35.4656.781795176089
38.IVA Richards308349361526129148.7578.69*35901552+210+
40.Tamim Iqbal391452191524920635.2172.6225941768189
41.ML Hayden273348321506638047.6767.4640691722182
42.Mushfiqur Rahim4585067014833219*34.0265.2419811402170
43.BB McCullum432474471467630234.3782.1119761552398
44.HH Gibbs361417241466122837.3065.7135661862187
45.AD Mathews4124489314537200*40.9462.1118861309213
46.Shakib Al Hasan430471541440621734.5478.8314991480131
47.G Kirsten286361341408727543.0753.723479158132
48.MS Atapattu360416471403624938.0356.17*2776141919
49.KP Pietersen277342291379722744.0771.8032671531190
50.MJ Guptill3674022713463237*35.9081.2723761385383
Most runs in international cricket – 2024

Top Most runs in international cricket – 2024

Sachin Tendulkar: Most runs in international cricket

In the pantheon of cricketing giants, no name shines brighter than Sachin Tendulkar, the undisputed run-king of international cricket. With a colossal 34,357 runs amassed across Tests, ODIs, and T20Is, his reign remains unchallenged. He has the most runs in international cricket.

Tendulkar’s journey began at a tender age, his precocious talent captivating the world. His hunger for runs was insatiable, evident in his 49 centuries and 96 fifties. He conquered both pace and spin, adapting his game to every format with the poise of a maestro.

His Test exploits are legendary, his 70 centuries a testament to his unwavering resilience. In ODIs, his audacious strokes left audiences stunned, culminating in the historic feat of being the first cricketer to reach 200 runs. Even in the dynamic arena of T20Is, he showcased his adaptability, proving that greatness transcends format.

More than just numbers, Tendulkar’s runs represent a journey of dedication, passion, and unwavering love for the game. He inspired generations of young players, becoming a national icon and etching his name forever in cricketing folklore. Sachin Tendulkar, the “God of Cricket,” stands tall as the undisputed king of international run-scoring, his legacy a beacon for aspiring batsmen for years to come.

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KC Sangakkara: A Pillar of Sri Lankan Cricket – Most runs in international cricket

While Sachin Tendulkar may be the undisputed king of international cricket runs, Sri Lanka’s Kumar Sangakkara occupies his throne, carved through elegance, consistency, and sheer brilliance. In a career spanning 16 years, Sanga amassed a staggering 28,016 runs across all formats, leaving an indelible mark on the cricketing world. He has the second most runs in international cricket.

A Master across Formats:

Sangakkara’s batting prowess transcended formats. In Tests, his 12,400 runs, peppered with 38 centuries and 52 fifties, showcased his unwavering resolve and ability to build monumental innings. In ODIs, his 14,234 runs, including 23 centuries and 95 fifties, were a testament to his adaptability and penchant for big scores. Even in the shorter format of T20Is, he amassed 1381 runs, proving his versatility and impactful presence.

The Elegance of the Left-Hander:

Sangakkara wasn’t just a prolific run-scorer; he was an artist with the willow. His left-handed stroke-making was poetry in motion, blending graceful drives with powerful cuts and deft flicks. He possessed an unerring judgement of the ball, punishing loose deliveries while patiently navigating testing bowlers.

Beyond the Numbers:

Sanga’s contributions extended far beyond mere statistics. He was a lynchpin of the Sri Lankan batting order, a calming presence in the middle, and a leader by example. His dedication to the game and his sportsmanship earned him universal respect, making him an ambassador for the sport.

A Legacy Etched in Stone:

Today, Sangakkara stands tall among the cricketing greats. His name adorns record books, highlights fill highlight reels, and his impact on Sri Lankan cricket remains immeasurable. He served as the captain of the Sri Lankan national team in all three formats, leading them to numerous victories and solidifying his place as a cricketing legend.

Ricky Ponting: Most runs in international cricket

In the pantheon of cricketing warriors, few have worn the mantle of run-scorer and leader with such relentless passion as Ricky Ponting. The “Tasmanian Tiger”, as he was fondly known, carved his name onto the record books with a staggering 27,097 runs across all formats, forever etching his legacy onto the tapestry of international cricket. He has the third most runs in international cricket.

A Dominant Force across Formats:

Ponting’s prowess wasn’t confined to specific areas. In Tests, his 13,378 runs, punctuated by 41 centuries and 52 fifties, showcased his ability to anchor an innings and lead by example. In ODIs, his 13,704 runs, including 29 centuries and 72 fifties, were a testament to his explosive hitting and capacity to chase down improbable targets. Even in T20Is, with 1747 runs, he proved his adaptability and knack for finding quick runs.

The Captain’s Grit and Flair:

Ponting wasn’t just a run-machine; he was a born leader. He captained Australia to two World Cup victories, his aggressive spirit and tactical nous inspiring his teammates and intimidating opponents. His on-field persona, a fiery mix of passion and unwavering belief, made him a captivating figure.

Beyond the Numbers, a Story of Determination:

Ricky Ponting’s journey wasn’t always smooth. Early struggles and doubters fueled his fire, urging him to prove his mettle. His relentless work ethic and unwavering self-belief eventually propelled him to the top of the cricketing pyramid.

A Legacy of Inspiration:

Today, Ponting’s legacy extends far beyond his statistics. He is remembered as a fierce competitor, a skilled leader, and a batsman who embodied the fighting spirit of his nation. His runs may no longer add up, but his impact on Australian cricket and the sport itself remains immeasurable.

Ricky Ponting, the Tasmanian Tiger, will forever be remembered as a cricketing colossus, a relentless scorer, and a leader who led by example. His story is one of grit, determination, and the unwavering pursuit of cricketing excellence. He serves as a constant reminder that with unwavering passion and dedication, even the most challenging dreams can be conquered.

Conclusion: Most runs in international cricket

The journey to becoming the Most runs in international cricket is a testament to the skill, dedication, and longevity of these cricketing legends. Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Kumar Sangakkara, Jacques Kallis, and Rahul Dravid have not only left an indelible mark on the record books but have also enriched the sport with their exceptional talent and sportsmanship. As cricket enthusiasts, we can only marvel at the incredible feats achieved by these run kings on the international stage.

FAQ Most runs in international cricket

Question 1. Who holds the record for most runs in international cricket?

Answer: Sachin Tendulkar, the legendary Indian batsman, holds the record for most runs in international cricket with a total of 34,357 runs across all formats (Tests, One-Day Internationals, and Twenty20 Internationals). He achieved this feat in October 2013 and remains at the top even today.

Question 2. Who are the other top run-scorers in international cricket?

Answer: Ricky Ponting (Australia) comes in second with 27,483 runs, followed by Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka) with 28,016 runs. Other notable players in the top ten include Jacques Kallis (South Africa), Rahul Dravid (India), Virat Kohli (India), Mahela Jayawardene (Sri Lanka), Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka), Chris Gayle (West Indies), and Hashim Amla (South Africa).

Question 3. How are most runs recorded across different formats?

Answer: The runs scored in each format (Tests, ODIs, and T20Is) are counted separately. Sachin Tendulkar’s 34,357 runs include:

  • 15,921 runs in Tests
  • 18,426 runs in ODIs
  • 1007 runs in T20Is

Question 4. Are there separate records for men and women?

Answer: Yes, the records for most runs in international cricket are separate for men and women. As of January 2024, Mithali Raj (India) holds the record for most runs in women’s international cricket with 10,868 runs.

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