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FIH Hockey World Cup Winners List from 1971 to 2023

The Hockey World Cup is organized and overseen by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) and is considered the championship of hockey. The tournament is held every 4 years, with the best national teams from around the world competing for the prestigious FIH Hockey World Cup. Since its inception in 1971, the FIH World Hockey League has witnessed remarkable feats of skill, teamwork and sportsmanship, as well as moments that will forever remain in the history of hockey.

In this article, we will analyze the illustrious journey of the FIH Hockey World Cup winners list from 1971 to 2023, their victories and their impact on the game.

Hockey World Cup Winners List

Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup Winners List from 1971 to 2023

Here is the Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup Winners List from 1971 to 2023:

YearHost CountryWinnerRunner-UpThird Place
1973NetherlandsNetherlandsIndiaWest Germany
1975MalaysiaIndiaPakistanWest Germany
1982IndiaPakistanWest GermanyAustralia
1986EnglandAustraliaEnglandWest Germany

Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup Winners List: 2023

Between January 13 and January 29, 2023, Bhubaneshwar and Rourkel in Odisha served as the host cities for the Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup. Germany won the championship by defeating Belgium in the championship game. The Netherlands, who took home the silver medal in Bhubaneswar four years prior, settled for the bronze. Fans watched some thrilling games on the turf as 16 of the best hockey teams in the world competed.

Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup Winners List: Country Wise

Here is the Country wise list of Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup Winners List:

CountryNo. Of Timesyear
Pakistan41971, 1978, 1982 and 1994
Netherlands31973, 1990 and 1998
Australia31986, 2010 and 2014
Germany32002, 2006 and 2023

Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup Winners List: 2018

From November 28 to December 16, 2018, Bhubaneswar, India, hosted the FIH Hockey World Cup. Belgium won their first World Cup title by defeating the Netherlands 3-2 on penalties after the game ended in a 0-0 stalemate. In 2018, the number of World Cup teams was increased to 16.

Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup Winners List from 1971 to 2023

The Pakistan team won in 1971 and was the first World Hockey Champion. The Dutch squad joined the Hockey World winners list in 1973, the year of the second FIH Hockey World Cup. The next FIH Hockey World Cup was held in Malaysia in 1975 and India won the championship game to become the nation’s first entry on the Hockey World Cup Winners List. In 2010 and 2014, Australia won back-to-back World Cups. After beating the Netherlands in 2018, Belgium became a part of the Hockey World Cup Winners List. In 2023, Germany beat Belgium 5-4 through a penalty shootout after scoring tied at 3-3.

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Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup Trophy Designed

Bashir Moojid designed and the Pakistani Army put together the Hockey World Cup. On March 27, 1971, in Brussels, Mr H.E. Masood, the ambassador of Pakistan to Belgium, officially handed the trophy to René Frank, the president of the FIH. A silver and gold globe, a tall base with ivory inlay, and a silver cup with elaborate patterns make up the prize. At the top are tiny things that resemble the hockey stick and the ball.

Women’s FIH Hockey World Cup winners list

The inaugural women’s hockey World Cup, meantime, took place in the Netherlands in 1974. The Dutch team defeated Argentina 1-0 in the championship game to win the first-ever women’s hockey World Cup.

With nine championships (1974, 1978, 1983, 1986, 1990, 2006, 2014, 2018, 2022), the Netherlands has dominated women’s hockey and is the most successful team in the event. Additionally, they are the current champs.

Only three other teams—Argentina, Australia, and Germany—have ever defeated the Dutch to claim the women’s FIH World Cup. Each of them has held two titles.

India’s best-ever showing at a women’s hockey World Cup came in 1974 when they finished in fourth place. India women’s lone semifinal appearance to date.

Here is the Women’s FIH Hockey World Cup Winners List from 1974 to 2022:

YearHost-CountryWinnerRunner-UpThird Place
1974FranceNetherlandsArgentinaWest Germany
1976West GermanyWest GermanyArgentinaNetherlands
1978SpainNetherlandsWest GermanyBelgium
1981ArgentinaWest GermanyNetherlandsSoviet Union
1986NetherlandsNetherlandsWest GermanyCanada
1990AustraliaNetherlandsAustraliaSouth Korea
1994IrelandsAustraliaArgentinaUnited States
2022Spain and NetherlandsNetherlandsArgentinaAustralia

FAQ on FIH Hockey World Cup Winners List

Question 1. Which nation won the men’s FIH Hockey World Cup 2023?

Answer: The Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup 2023 was won by Germany over Belgium on penalties, 5-4, on Sunday at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar, India. Florent Van Aubel, Tanguy Cosyns and Tom Boon all scored for Belgium to tie the scores at 3-3 at the end of regulation.

Question 2. Who led India in the men’s FIH Hockey World Cup 2023?

Answer: At the men’s FIH Hockey World Cup 2023, Drag flicker Harmanpreet Singh served as captain of the Indian men’s hockey team, with Amit Rohidas serving as vice-captain. 33 players underwent a two-day trial at the SAI Centre in Bengaluru before being chosen for the final selection.

Question 3. When did India win the hockey World Cup?

Answer: The correct answer is 1975. In 1975, India last won the World Cup in men’s hockey. The game was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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