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Who is the Father of Cricket, Achievements, Stats and more

Who is the Father of Cricket: Cricket is such a game that has millions of fans. Many players have contributed to making this game so popular. There have been some players whose names have been written in golden letters on the pages of cricket’s past. One of them has also been such a player who is also known as the Father of Cricket.

In this article, we will learn Who is the Father of Cricket, His Biography, Stats and much more.

Who is the Father of Cricket

Who is the Father of Cricket: William Gilbert Grace

Full NameWilliam Gilbert Grace
Date of BirthJuly 18, 1848
Place of BirthDownend, near Bristol, England
EducationBristol Grammar School
Debut Year1865
Batting StyleRight-handed
Bowling StyleRight-arm slow
Major TeamsGloucestershire, England
Notable Achievements1. Pioneered “forward play” in cricket
2. Introduced the “Grace bat,” a wider bat
3. Held a record of 126 centuries in first-class cricket
Total First-Class RunsOver 54,000 runs
Total First-Class WicketsOver 2,800 wickets
Legacy and Influence1. Popularized cricket as a spectator sport
2. Advocated for professionalism and fair play
3. Contributed to the modernization of cricket
Other ProfessionTrained Physician
Passing AwayOctober 23, 1915
Who is the Father of Cricket

Cricket, which originated in England, where it was played only by the elite, used to be played between amateurs and professionals, professionals used to be batsmen and in a way it used to be their game, on the other hand, amateurs used to be bowlers who were not given any value at that time.

Then cricket saw the birth of a player whose impact on the game was such that it changed its course. We are talking about English cricketer William Gilbert Grace who was born on 18 August 1848 and died on 23 October 1915 at the age of 67. At the time when he came into the world of cricket, there were no T20 and One Day International matches, then there was only Test cricket. He played for London County and MCC Gloucestershire. He made his debut in 1880 against Australia and also played his last match against Australia.

W.G. Grace had mastered all three components of the game, be it the bat, the ball, or the field. W.G. Grace was quite an admired cricketer and apart from this, he was also a doctor. So he used to play both these forms very well.

Grace had a remarkable career in the English first-class arena that lasted an outstanding 44 seasons. He was well known for his beer addiction and ever-expanding stomach. Despite his influence on the game’s growth, he was a very renowned player because he was one of the founding members of the MCC and played 22 times for England in Tests.

Cricket has become a very attractive profession in today’s time, many cricketers work hard day and night to make a career in this game and also sacrifice a lot so that they can become a part of this professional game. One such player was William Gilbert Grace at a time when cricket was not even a professional sport.

Who is the Father of Cricket: Stats

He played only 22 Test matches in his lifetime but still, he is known as the Father of Cricket because he gave his all for this game. He has played a total of 44 first-class sessions in English cricket as well as 870 first-class games at a time when no one took cricket seriously. In such a situation, Grace gave her time and energy to this game.

More than 54,000 runs were scored and 2,800 wickets were taken by WG Grace. He has one of the most impressive playing careers ever thanks to it, and with more than 870 first-class catches, he more than deserves his position in the pantheon of all-time great cricketers. And this is the reason, he is the answer to Who is the Father of Cricket.

G. Grace’s legacy is still felt today in English cricket. Because of the influence he has had on English and international cricket for more than 150 years after playing in his first professional match, the entrance to Lord’s is referred to as the Grace Gates.

Who is the Father of Cricket: G. Grace’s Contribution

First-Class Career
Total RunsOver 54,000 runs
Batting AverageOver 39.00
Centuries126 centuries
WicketsOver 2,800 wickets
Bowling AverageApproximately 17.00
Test Matches (England)
Matches Played22
Total Runs1,098
Batting Average32.29
Bowling Average27.33
Who is the Father of Cricket

WG. Grace’s dedication to cricket was incredible. The amount of hard work and sacrifices he made for this game was of a completely different level. Grace chose the world of cricket when there were not many countries playing this game, it was not even a professional sport like it is today, nor was there much money in it. Then WG Grace played 870 first-class cricket and 22 test matches.

He has scored 126 centuries and 254 half-centuries in his amazing first-class cricket career. He was a very good all-rounder cricketer, whether it was batting, bowling or fielding, he was amazing in every field.

Conclusion: Who is the Father of Cricket

W.G. Grace’s story is one of passion, dedication, and unwavering love for the game of cricket. He was a giant of his time, and his legacy continues to inspire generations of players and fans. As we celebrate the history of this beloved sport, let us remember the man who shaped it like no other: the incomparable W.G. Grace, the Father of Cricket.

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FAQ on Who is the Father of Cricket

Question 1. Who was W.G. Grace?

Answer: William Gilbert Grace (1848-1915), affectionately known as “W.G.”, was a dominant English cricketer who revolutionized the sport and is widely considered the “Father of Cricket”. He was a gifted batsman and bowler who held numerous records and captivated audiences for decades.

Question 2. What was his personality like?


  • He was known as a true gentleman cricketer, upholding the highest standards of sportsmanship and fair play.
  • He was nicknamed “The Doctor” due to his calm and calculated approach to the game.
  • He was later known as “The Grand Old Man” as he continued to play at a high level into his 60s.

Question 3. What is his legacy?

Answer: W.G. Grace is considered one of the greatest cricketers of all time. His influence on the sport is still felt today, and his name is synonymous with cricketing excellence. He is remembered for:

  • Revolutionizing the game: His innovations in batting transformed the way cricket was played.
  • Inspiring generations: He inspired countless young players to take up the game, including many future legends.
  • Elevating cricket to new heights: He helped elevate cricket to a global sport enjoyed by millions around the world.

Question 4. Who is considered the founder of Indian cricket?

Answer. Kumar Shri Ranji Singh, the governor of Gujarat’s Navanagar state, is largely considered the guy who founded Indian cricket. Brilliant cricketer Ranjitsinhji also referred to as Ranji represented England.

Question 5. Who is the “God of Cricket”?

Answer. Tendulkar is referred to as the God of Cricket for several reasons. With more runs and hundreds scored in Tests and ODIs than any other batsman, breaking multiple records, and receiving all of the game’s honours, he is the most successful batsman in cricket history.

Question 6. Who is the cricketing monarch of India?

Answer. The IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Indian cricket team are both captained by Virat Kohli. Kohli, commonly referred to as the king of cricket, is regarded as one of the best batsmen in the world.

Question 7. Who is considered the greatest finisher in the sport of cricket?

Answer: MS Dhoni is widely recognized as the greatest finisher in the history of cricket. He is known for maintaining his composure even in the most challenging situations during matches.

Question 8. Who is considered the best IPL captain?

Answer: Based on the winning percentage, MS Dhoni is considered to be the greatest IPL captain. He has led his team in 226 matches and won 133 of them, which amounts to a winning percentage of 59.37%. Additionally, Dhoni has led Chennai to five championships.

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