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MI vs RR head to head record in IPL History till 2024

The match between Mumbai Indians (MI) and Rajasthan Royals (RR) is one of the most exciting matches in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Over the years since the inception of the IPL, both these teams have played exciting matches and both have huge fan followings. Today through this article we will discuss MI vs RR head to head record in IPL History and know who is superior to whom.

MI vs RR head to head

MI vs RR head to head record in IPL History till 2024

So far in the IPL, there have been a total of 30 matches between Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals, out of which Mumbai Indians have won 15 matches, while Rajasthan Royals have won 14 matches and 1 match has been inconclusive. The competition between the two has now been almost equal. Talking about the IPL tournament, while Mumbai Indians have won it 5 times, Rajasthan Royals have won it only once.

PlayedWon by MIWon by RRTieNo Result
MI vs RR head to head record in IPL History

MI vs RR head to head

The last match between MI vs RR

The last match between Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals was played on 22 April 2024 in Jaipur. Rajasthan Royals won this match very easily. Mumbai Indians won the toss and chose to bat first and scored 179 runs at the loss of 9 wickets in 20 overs. Chasing this score, Rajasthan Royals achieved this score very easily at the loss of just 1 wicket and won the match by 9 wickets. The hero of this match was Yashasvi Jaiswal who played a brilliant century inning of 104 runs.

MI vs RR head to head record in IPL

Here is the list of the MI vs RR head to head record in IPL:

DateWinnerWon ByVenue
22-Apr-2024Rajasthan Royals9 wicketsJaipur
01-Apr-2024Rajasthan Royals6 wicketsMumbai
30- Apr-2023Mumbai Indians6 wicketsMumbai
30-Apr-2022Mumbai Indians5 WicketsMumbai
02-Apr-2022Rajasthan Royals23 RunsMumbai
05-Oct-2021Mumbai Indians8 WicketsSharjah
29-April-2021Mumbai Indians7 WicketsDelhi
26-Oct-2020Rajasthan Royals8 WicketsAbu Dhabi
6-Oct-2020Mumbai Indians57 RunsAbu Dhabi
20-April-2019Rajasthan Royals5 WicketsJaipur
13-Apr-2019Rajasthan Royals4 WicketsMumbai
13-May-2018Rajasthan Royals7 WicketsMumbai
22-April-2018Rajasthan Royals3 WicketsJaipur
1-May-2015Mumbai Indians8 RunsMumbai
14-April-2015Rajasthan Royals7 WicketsAhmedabad
25-May-2014Mumbai Indians5 WicketsMumbai
19-May-2014Mumbai Indians25 RunsAhmedabad
24-Apr-2013Mumbai Indians4 WicketsKolkata
17-April-2013Rajasthan Royals87 RunsJaipur
15-April-2013Mumbai Indians14 RunsMumbai
20-May-2012Mumbai Indians10 WicketsJaipur
11-Apr-2012Mumbai Indians27 RunsMumbai
20-May-2011Rajasthan Royals10 WicketsMumbai
29-April-2011Rajasthan Royals7 WicketsJaipur
11-April-2010Mumbai Indians37 RunsJaipur
13-March-2010Mumbai Indians4 RunsMumbai (BS)
14-May-2009Rajasthan Royals3 WicketsDurban
21-Apr-2009Match AbandonedDurban
26-May-2008Rajasthan Royals5 WicketsJaipur
7-May-2008Mumbai Indians7 WicketsMumbai (DY)
MI vs RR head to head record in IPL History

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Conclusion: MI vs RR head to head record in IPL history

The clash between MI vs RR promises to keep cricket fans enthralled for many years to come. Both the teams have exceptional talent and a history of close matches, so every match between them will be filled with excitement and should be watched by every cricket fan. As the IPL 2024 season progresses, it will be interesting to see where this head-to-head record goes and who bests whom.

FAQ on MI vs RR head to head record in IPL

Question 1. How many times have MI and RR played each other in the IPL?

Answer. As of now, MI and RR have played a total of 30 matches.

Question 2. Who leads the head-to-head record, MI or RR?

Answer. At present both the teams are on equal footing. MI has 15 wins, while RR also has won 14 matches. One match ended without a result.

Question 3. How have recent encounters between MI and RR been?

Answer. Rajasthan Royals had won the recent match very easily. This match was completely one-sided which was won by RR by 9 wickets.

Question 4. Where does RR hold the upper hand against MI?

Answer. Historically, RR has performed better at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur, winning 6 out of their 8 meetings there.

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