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Robert Lewandowski stats, total goals till 2024

Robert Lewandowski, the name resonates with goals, records, and sheer dominance. The Polish striker, currently tearing up La Liga with Barcelona, has built a career defined by an insatiable hunger for finding the net. But beyond the headlines and accolades, his legacy is etched in the cold hard facts – the Robert Lewandowski stats. Let’s dig into the numbers that paint a remarkable picture of a goalscoring phenomenon.

Robert Lewandowski stats

Robert Lewandowski stats – 2024

Robert Lewandowski’s name and goals seem to go hand-in-hand. Across all clubs, he has amassed a jaw-dropping 646 goals in a remarkable 912 appearances, translating to a phenomenal 0.70 goals-per-game average. This consistency places him among the elite goalscorers of the modern era.

Zooming in on his club career, his reign in the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich was nothing short of extraordinary. He currently sits as the league’s second all-time top scorer with a staggering 344 goals, just behind the iconic Gerd Muller. But Lewandowski didn’t just rack up numbers; he shattered records. He owns the Bundesliga record for most goals in a single season (41), achieved in the 2020-21 season, and shares the record for most goals in a calendar year (69) across all competitions. His trophy cabinet also reflects his dominance, boasting eight league titles, four domestic cups, and the pinnacle – a coveted Champions League trophy.

Lewandowski’s impact transcends club level. He is the all-time leading scorer for the Polish national team with an impressive 79 goals in 142 appearances, leading the line with unwavering dedication.

Individual accolades paint a further picture of his greatness. He was crowned the prestigious Ballon d’Or in 2021, a testament to his exceptional talent. He has secured the European Golden Shoe a record-breaking twice, solidifying his position as the top scorer across Europe’s top leagues. His Bundesliga dominance is further emphasized by his seven Bundesliga top scorer awards, a feat unmatched in the league’s history.

Here are the Robert Lewandowski stats and total goals:

Bayern Munich375344
Borussia Dortmund187103
Lech Poznan & Znicz Pruszkow14879
Robert Lewandowski stats and total goals – 2024

Robert Lewandowski stats for Barcelona

Since joining Barcelona in 2022, Robert Lewandowski has quickly established himself as the Catalan giant’s attacking focal point, his numbers speaking volumes about his impact. In his first season, he became the team’s leading scorer in La Liga with a remarkable 33 goals, earning him the Pichichi trophy. This wasn’t just impressive for a newcomer; it was particularly significant considering Barcelona’s historic struggles in finding a consistent goalscorer.

Beyond league goals, Lewandowski contributed 8 assists and 4 goals in the Champions League, showcasing his ability to create and finish with equal aplomb. His overall tally of 47 goals in 77 appearances for Barcelona across all competitions translates to a remarkable 0.61 goals per game average, maintaining his prolificacy despite a change in league and playing style.

Here is the list of Robert Lewandowski stats for Barcelona:

Robert Lewandowski stats and total goals – 2024

Robert Lewandowski stats for Bayern Munich

Robert Lewandowski’s reign at Bayern Munich was truly legendary, etching his name into the club’s history books with his phenomenal goalscoring record. Across eight seasons with the German giants, he amassed a staggering 344 goals in 375 appearances, translating to a remarkable 0.92 goals per game average. This placed him as the club’s second all-time leading scorer, just behind the legendary Gerd Muller.

His Bundesliga dominance was unparalleled. He shattered the record for most goals in a single season (41), achieved in the 2020-21 campaign, a feat that still stands today. He also earned the Bundesliga top scorer award a record-breaking seven times, showcasing his consistent ability to find the net throughout his time at the club.

Beyond individual accolades, Lewandowski was a key component of Bayern’s success. He helped the club win an incredible eight Bundesliga titles, four DFB-Pokals, and a coveted Champions League trophy in 2020. His clinical finishing, powerful presence, and ability to link up with teammates made him a nightmare for defenders and a vital contributor to the team’s trophies.

Here is the list of Robert Lewandowski stats for Bayern Munich:

Robert Lewandowski stats and total goals – 2024

Robert Lewandowski stats for Borussia Dortmund

Before joining the powerhouse Bayern Munich, Robert Lewandowski honed his skills and established himself as a rising star at Borussia Dortmund. During his four seasons with the BVB, he played a crucial role in their success, leaving behind a notable statistical mark.

Across 187 appearances in all competitions, Lewandowski netted a total of 103 goals, averaging a respectable 0.55 goals per game. While this might seem lower than his later exploits, it’s important to remember he primarily played as a backup in his first season.

His true potential blossomed in the following seasons. He played a key role in Dortmund’s back-to-back Bundesliga titles in 2011 and 2012, contributing 22 goals and 34 goals respectively. In the 2012-13 season, he reached new heights, scoring an incredible 41 goals across all competitions, including a remarkable 10 goals in the Champions League. This individual brilliance helped Dortmund reach the Champions League final, showcasing his potential to the world.

Lewandowski’s impact wasn’t limited to goals. He also provided 27 assists throughout his time at Dortmund, demonstrating his well-rounded attacking abilities. He left the club as a beloved figure, his stats serving as a stepping stone to the legendary striker he would become.

Here is the list of the Robert Lewandowski stats for Borussia Dortmund:


Robert Lewandowski stats for Lech Poznan

While not the most prolific period of his career, Robert Lewandowski’s two years at Lech Poznan laid the foundation for his future success. During his time there, from 2008 to 2010, he showcased glimpses of his potential and contributed significantly to the team’s achievements.

Across 82 appearances in all competitions, Lewandowski netted 41 goals, averaging a decent 0.50 goals per game. This respectable scoring record, especially considering his young age at the time (19-21 years old), marked him as a rising talent in Polish football.

His most impactful season came in 2009-10, where he played a crucial role in leading Lech Poznan to their first Ekstraklasa title in 17 years. He contributed 21 goals in the league, finishing as the third-highest scorer, and added 4 goals in the Polish Cup. His performances earned him recognition as the Ekstraklasa Young Player of the Year, highlighting his potential and paving the way for his move to Borussia Dortmund the following season.

Despite not reaching the dizzying heights of his later career, Lewandowski’s stats at Lech Poznan showcased his early promise and marked the beginning of his journey to becoming the world-renowned striker he is today.

Here is the list of the Robert Lewandowski stats for Lech Poznan:


Robert Lewandowski stats for Znicz Pruszkow

Robert Lewandowski’s stint at Znicz Pruszkow was a brief but significant one, serving as a launching pad for his illustrious career. During his time at the club, from 2006 to 2008, he showcased his raw talent and potential, catching the eye of scouts and earning a move to Lech Poznan.

Across 66 appearances in all competitions for Znicz Pruszkow, Lewandowski amassed a total of 38 goals, averaging an impressive 0.57 goals per game. This scoring record, particularly impressive for a player aged 18-20, highlighted his natural goal-scoring ability and marked him as a talent to watch.

In the 2007-08 season, Lewandowski truly burst onto the scene, scoring 21 goals in the Polish Second Division, finishing as the league’s top scorer. This remarkable achievement earned him the Polish Second Division Player of the Year award and paved the way for his move to Lech Poznan, where he would go on to even greater success.

Here is the list of the Robert Lewandowski stats for Znicz Pruszkow:


Robert Lewandowski stats for Poland

When it comes to the Polish national team, Robert Lewandowski reigns supreme. He stands as the all-time leading scorer with a staggering 79 goals in 142 appearances, translating to an impressive 0.56 goals per game average. This puts him amongst the elite goalscorers in European international history, currently sitting as the fourth-highest scorer behind Romelu Lukaku, Ferenc Puskás, and the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo.

Lewandowski’s impact wasn’t limited to sheer numbers. He has played a pivotal role in leading Poland to major tournaments, featuring in three European Championships and two World Cups. His most prolific international scoring season came in 2016 when he netted 16 goals during the World Cup qualification campaign, a record for a European player.

Beyond goals, Lewandowski brings leadership, experience, and tactical versatility to the Polish team. He can not only score himself but also create opportunities for teammates, making him a crucial component of their attack. His dedication and hunger for success consistently drive the team forward, making him a true talisman for Polish football.

Here is the list

Robert Lewandowski stats and total goals – 2024

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Conclusion: Robert Lewandowski stats

Robert Lewandowski’s statistics not only reflect his extraordinary skill as a goal-scorer but also highlight his impact as a footballing icon. His consistency, leadership, and ability to deliver on the biggest stages have solidified his place among the elite in the world of football. As he continues to add to his impressive tally of goals and achievements, there’s no doubt that Robert Lewandowski’s statistics will remain a testament to his enduring legacy in the sport.

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