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Top – 25: Highest ODI score by a Team

Highest ODI score by a Team: Cricket, often called a gentleman’s game, has evolved over the years to become an exciting and high-scoring sport. One of the most thrilling aspects of One Day International (ODI) cricket is watching teams post mammoth totals. These incredible moments are etched in the annals of cricket history, and fans cherish them with great enthusiasm. In this article, we explore the fascinating realm of the Highest ODI score by a Team, celebrating the moments when batsmen set the pitch ablaze.

Highest ODI score by a Team

Highest ODI score by a Team

England has retained the top 3 positions regarding the highest ODI score. on 17 Jun 2022, England achieved the highest ODI score by a team ever, posting an impressive 498/4 against the Netherlands. For the second time, they scored 481/6 runs against Australia on 19 Jun 2018 and 444/3 runs against Pakistan on 30 Aug 2016. In 2006, Sri Lanka scored 443/9 against the Netherlands, marking the fourth-highest ODI team score. South Africa secured the fifth-highest ODI score in 2015, accumulating a formidable 439/2 against the West Indies.

Here is the list of the Highest ODI score by a Team:

1.17 Jun 2022England498/4NetherlandsAmstelveen
2.19 Jun 2018England481/6AustraliaNottingham
3.30 Aug 2016England444/3PakistanNottingham
4.4 Jul 2006Sri Lanka443/9NetherlandsAmstelveen
5.18 Jan 2015South Africa439/2West IndiesJohannesburg
6.12 Mar 2006South Africa438/9AustraliaJohannesburg
7.25 Oct 2015South Africa438/4IndiaWankhede
8.12 Mar 2006Australia434/4South AfricaJohannesburg
9.7 Oct 2023South Africa428/5South AfricaDelhi
10.20 Sep 2006South Africa418/5ZimbabwePotchefstroom
11.8 Dec 2011India418/5West IndiesIndore
12.27 Feb 2019England418/6West IndiesSt George’s
13.4 Mar 2015Australia417/6AfghanistanPerth
14.15 Sep 2023South Africa416/5AustraliaCenturion
15.15 Dec 2009India414/7Sri LankaRajkot
16.19 Mar 2007India413/5BermudaPort of Spain
17.15 Dec 2009Sri Lanka411/8IndiaRajkot
18.3 Mar 2015South Africa411/4IrelandCanberra
19.10 Dec 2022India409/8BangladeshChattogram
20.27 Feb 2015South Africa408/5West IndiesSydney
21.9 Jun 2015England408/9New ZealandBirmingham
22.26 Jun 2023Zimbabwe408/6USAHarare
23.13 Nov 2014India404/5Sri LankaEden Gardens
24.1 Jul 2008New Zealand402/2IrelandAberdeen
25.24 Feb 2010India401/3South AfricaGwalior
Highest ODI score by a Team

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Conclusion: Highest ODI Score by a Team

The increasing dynamism and excitement in limited-overs cricket is reflected in the highest ODI team score. Teams like England, South Africa, India, and others have set records demonstrating that anything is possible in cricket. Fans are eagerly waiting for the next breakthrough, where a team might surpass the 500-run mark, further pushing the boundaries of the sport. As cricket continues to evolve, we can only imagine the exciting performances and milestones yet to come. mances and milestones that await in the future.

FAQ on Highest ODI Score by a Team

Question 1. What is the highest score in ODI?

Answer: The record of making the highest score in ODI is held by England, who scored 498/4 against the Netherlands.

Question 2. Which Indian cricketer has scored the maximum runs in ODI?

Answer: Sachin Tendulkar holds the record of scoring the most runs in ODI for India, he has scored 18426 runs in ODI cricket.

Question 3. What is India’s highest score in ODI cricket?

Answer: India’s highest score in ODI cricket is 418/5 which was made by India against West Indies on 8 Dec 2011.

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