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Who is the King of Football Messi or Ronaldo till 2024

There is always an argument in the world of football lovers that who is the king of football. Whether it is the era of Pele or Maradona or the era of Messi and Ronaldo, this topic has always been the centre of debate.

In this article, we will talk about who is the king of football Messi or Ronaldo.

who is the king of football messi or ronaldo

Who is the king of football Messi or Ronaldo

Who is the king of football Messi or Ronaldo, it is very difficult to answer this, both of them are players who have the power to change the trend of the whole game on their own. Year after year, football lovers around the world review which footballer is the best. And finding the answer is a mystery in itself. Although the style of play of these two players is completely different, both of these players are the top goalscorers for their respective teams.

Even if some consider Lionel Messi the best player in the world, you should never discount the Portuguese “One Man Army”. Despite being 38 and 35 years old, respectively, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have amassed the most individual honours over the past ten years. But the question remains: Who wins this rigorous professional competition, and why? Ronaldo or Messi, who is superior?

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo Club Goals

SeasonCristiano RonaldoLionel Messi
who is the king of football Messi or Ronaldo

Talking about club goals, Ronaldo is leading in this race so far Ronaldo has scored 757 club goals while Messi has scored only 733 club goals so far, but Messi has played 2 seasons less than Portugal player.

Throughout their careers, each of them has astonishingly scored over 690 goals for clubs, with the five seasons between 2009–10 and 2014–15 proving especially fruitful as they encouraged one another to reach new heights.

While Ronaldo now leads in total goals, Messi has the upper hand in the scoring column, with a better season average (37.9 to 35), after reaching a peak of 73 goals in 2011–12, however, his average fell after a lacklustre debut season at PSG in 2021–22.

Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo: Champion League Stats

Champion League StatsLionel MessiChristiano Ronaldo
Goals per Game0.790.77
who is the king of football Messi or Ronaldo

Ronaldo is the all-time leading goalscorer in the Champions League, while Messi, on the other hand, is not far behind. Ronaldo has so far scored 140 goals in 183 appearances in the Champions League. The same Messi has scored a total of 129 goals in 163 appearances. Same if we talk about Goals per game then Messi is ahead of Ronaldo in this match. Messi’s Goals per game is 0.79 while Ronaldo’s Goals per game is 0.77.
Ronaldo also holds the record for most appearances in the Champions League, surpassing Casillas.

Who is the king of Football: World Cup

World Cup StatsLionel MessiChristiano Ronaldo
Goals per Game0.500.38
who is the king of football Messi or Ronaldo

Regarding the World Cup, Argentina emerged victorious in the 2022 World Cup, in which Messi performed brilliantly.

The journey of Portugal’s star player Ronaldo in the 2022 World Cup was also good on a personal level, as he scored more goals in fewer appearances. But Messi was the game changer as he helped his country win the trophy with the help of his 7 goals and 3 assists.

Who is the king of football Messi or Ronaldo: Awards

AwardLionel MessiChristiano Ronaldo
Ballon d’Or85
European Golden Shoe64
UEFA Player of the Year34
Player of the Year (league)64
FIFPro World XI1414
World Cup Golden Ball20
The Best FIFA Men’s Player12
who is the king of football Messi or Ronaldo

For the past ten years and more, Ronaldo and Messi’s duel has been the defining aspect of modern football.

When Messi won his sixth Ballon d’Or in 2019, he overtook Ronaldo in the race and solidified his position as the winner in that category with his seventh in 2021.

While Messi has received more League Player of the Year honours, Ronaldo does have a greater number of FIFA’s new “The Best” honours and more UEFA Player of the Year titles. Ronaldo has earned Player of the Year honours in England, Spain, and Italy, it must be said.

The fact that both players have appeared on the FIFPro World XI 14 times shows how closely contested the race has been. Messi has won the European Golden Shoe a record six times, two more than Ronaldo, and is narrowly ahead of his adversary overall.

Conclusion: Who is the king of football Messi or Ronaldo

Given that there shouldn’t be an argument or comparison between Ronaldo and Messi, it isn’t easy to conclude. Being able to see two of the best athletes ever to step foot on a football pitch compete against one another is a blessing. What makes them exceptional is their ability to excel both individually and with their respective teams while playing in radically different ways.

FAQ on who is the king of football Messi or Ronaldo – 2024

Question 1. Who is the king of football?

Answer: In football, Lionel Messi is known as the “King.” He is well known for his dribbling prowess, field trickery, impossibly high goals, and unwavering will to win the game.

Question 2. Why is Messi the greatest?

Answer: The advantage Messi has over Ronaldo and other G.O.A.T. competitors is his willingness to put his teammates’ opportunities first. In his career, he has accrued a lot more assists than Ronaldo, and he still has a chance to widen his lead over the next years.

Question 3. Messi or Ronaldo, who has set the most records?

Answer: Ronaldo has 872 goals in 1,181 career matches at the club and international levels. That puts him ahead of Messi, who has 803 goals only in 1,054.

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