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List of Double century in ODI Cricket – 2024

Cricket, often termed a game of glorious uncertainties, has seen its fair share of extraordinary feats and records over the years. Among the most revered and monumental achievements in the realm of One Day Internationals (ODIs) is the elusive double century – a pinnacle of batsmanship that transcends the boundaries of traditional scoring in the limited-overs format. Let’s dig into the history, significance, and evolution of the double century in ODI cricket.

Double century in ODI

So far there have been 12 players in One Day International matches who have scored Double Centuries in ODI. The male player who scored the first double-century is none other than Sachin Tendulkar, the most powerful player in the world. Rohit Sharma has the highest number of double centuries and runs in One Day Internationals. So far Rohit Sharma has scored 3 double centuries in ODI and one double century in test and has scored the highest 264 runs.

List of Double century in ODI Cricket – 2024

PlayerCountryRunsopponent and year
Rohit SharmaIndia264(Highest)Sri Lanka, 2014
Martin GuptillNew Zealand237*West Indies, 2015
Amelia KerrNew Zealand232*Ireland, 2018
Belinda ClarkAustralia229*Denmark, 1997
Virender SehwagIndia219West Indies, 2011
Chris GayleWest Indies215Zimbabwe, 2015
Fakhar ZamanPakistan210*Zimbabwe, 2018
Ishan KishanIndia210Bangladesh, 2022
Pathum NissankaSri Lanka210*Afghanistan, 2024
Rohit SharmaIndia209Australia, 2013
Rohit SharmaIndia208*Sri Lanka, 2017
Shubman GillIndia208New Zealand,2023
Glenn MaxwellAustralia201*Afghanistan, 2023
Sachin TendulkarIndia200South Africa, 2010
Double century in ODI list 2024

Latest Double Century in ODI Cricket

On January 24th, 2024, a historic moment unfolded as Pathum Nissanka blazed an unbeaten 210 against Afghanistan, etching his name as the first Sri Lankan batsman to achieve a double century in ODI cricket. His commanding innings, adorned with 16 boundaries and 5 maximums, propelled Sri Lanka to a formidable total of 340 runs.

Nissanka’s batting display exemplified a blend of finesse and aggression. He meticulously paced his innings, reaching the century mark in 92 deliveries before unleashing an onslaught in the latter phase. His stellar performance was pivotal in Sri Lanka’s commanding 87-run victory.

This milestone not only signifies a remarkable achievement for Sri Lankan cricket but also marks a significant moment in Nissanka’s emerging career. It underscores the team’s burgeoning batting prowess and adds another illustrious chapter to the storied history of double centuries in ODI cricket.

1st Double Century in ODI (male): Sachin Tendulkar

Here are the details of 1st Double Century in ODI cricket by Male player:

The concept of a double century in ODIs was once deemed beyond the realm of possibility. The conventional wisdom surrounding limited-overs cricket dictated that the fast-paced nature of the game, coupled with the pressure to accelerate the scoring, made such monumental innings impractical.

However, on February 24, 2010, at the Captain Roop Singh Stadium in Gwalior, India, the cricketing world witnessed the unimaginable. Sachin Tendulkar, the maestro of the sport, etched his name into the annals of history by becoming the first cricketer to breach the 200-run mark in an ODI innings. His masterful 200* against South Africa rewrote the narrative of what was achievable in the 50-over format.

Sachin Tendulkar the Master Blaster has scored 1st Double Century in ODI (male), he made this record in his name in ODI, played against South Africa in Gwalior in 2010. Sachin Tendulkar made this amazing record in his name in the second ODI of the home series. In this match, he played an unbeaten inning of 200 runs in 147 balls, in which there were 25 boundaries and 3 maximums. In this match, India scored a huge score of 401 runs, in response to which the South African team was able to score only 248 runs.

1st Double Century in ODI (female): Belinda Clark

While the notion of Belinda Clark’s pioneering double century in ODI (women) is thrilling, it’s imperative to distinguish reality from myth. Clark undeniably holds an esteemed status in women’s cricket, yet the distinction of being the first double centurion remains unclaimed.

The confusion likely arises from her remarkable unbeaten 229* against Denmark in 1997. However, this match wasn’t classified as an official One Day International. It was a Women’s World Cup warm-up match governed by different regulations and shorter innings, setting it apart from standard ODIs.

This doesn’t diminish Clark’s feat. Her 229* remains the highest individual score in women’s cricket history, even surpassing official ODIs. Her exceptional talent and prowess have undoubtedly inspired countless aspiring female cricketers.

However, the official record for the highest individual score in a women’s ODI still belongs to Clark herself, with 178 runs scored against England in 1997. The awaited milestone of witnessing the first official double century in this format persists, but with players like Amelia Kerr pushing boundaries and nearing such scores, it may occur sooner rather than later.

Highest runs and Most Double Centuries in ODI Cricket by a player

India’s opener Rohit Sharma holds the record for most runs and most double centuries in ODIs. Rohit Sharma’s innings of 264 runs in an ODI against Sri Lanka in 2014 is the highest score ever in ODIs. Along with this, Rohit Sharma also holds the record for most double centuries in ODIs, having scored three double centuries so far. The first double-century was scored in 2013 against Australia. After that, he scored another double-century against Sri Lanka the next year and his third double-century in 2017 against Sri Lanka.

Martin Guptill: Second highest double century in ODI

The 2015 World Cup was very special for New Zealand’s dashing player Martin Guptill. During this world, he had made the record for scoring a double century in ODI. Martin Guptill did this feat against the West Indies in the quarter-finals of the 2015 World Cup. He scored 237 runs in 149 balls in this match, which included 24 boundaries and 11 maximums. This is the second-highest score ever.

Virender Sehwag 219 vs West Indies: Double Centuries in ODI cricket

India’s stormy opener Virender Sehwag made a record of scoring a double century in the match played against the West Indies in 2011. He is the second male player in the world to do so. In this match, he scored 219 runs in 149 balls, which included 25 fours and 5 sixes.

This used to be the highest score made by a player in ODIs at one point in time until Rohit Sharma made a record of 264 runs. Sehwag is the second male player to have his name registered in the list of double centuries in ODI.

Chris Gayle 215 vs Zimbabwe: Double Centuries in ODI cricket

When talking about a double century, Chris Gayle’s name may be there in that list. The 2015 World Cup saw two double centuries in a row. First Martin Guptill and second stormy batsman Chris Gayle. He scored 215 runs in 147 balls in this match, which included 10 fours and 16 sixes.

Fastest double century in ODI Cricket

Ishan Kishan of India currently holds the title for the fastest double century in ODI cricket, achieved through his scintillating innings of 210 runs against Bangladesh in December 2022. Kishan accomplished this milestone by reaching the 200-run mark in just 126 deliveries, surpassing the previous record set by Chris Gayle (138 balls).

Kishan’s performance was a display of sheer power and precision. He began cautiously, reaching his fifty in 43 balls, before launching into an aggressive assault on the Bangladeshi bowling attack. With 24 boundaries and ten sixes embellishing his innings, Kishan’s acceleration was breathtaking, hitting his hundred in 85 balls and his 150 in a mere 103 deliveries.

What adds to the significance of this achievement is the pressure situation. With India losing Rohit Sharma early, Kishan bore the responsibility of stabilizing the innings. Rising to the occasion, he not only steadied the ship but also propelled India to a dominant position. His partnership with Virat Kohli yielded 290 runs, laying the foundation for India’s imposing total of 409/8.

While other players have scored double centuries in fewer balls, such as Fakhar Zaman (148) and Glenn Maxwell (144*), none have reached the 200-run mark as swiftly as Kishan. His record is a testament to his explosive batting prowess and his ability to thrive under pressure on the cricketing stage.

Here are some additional details about the fastest double centuries in ODI cricket:

1Ishan Kishan (India)210126BangladeshDecember 10, 2022
2Chris Gayle (West Indies)215138ZimbabweFebruary 21, 2015
3Fakhar Zaman (Pakistan)210*148ZimbabweJuly 5, 2018
4Glenn Maxwell (Australia)201*144AfghanistanMarch 9, 2023 (CWC)
5Martin Guptill (New Zealand)237*154West IndiesMarch 13, 2015
Fastest Double century in ODI – 2024

First ODI fifty: The record of making the first fifty in an ODI is in the name of John Edrich of England. He made this on January 5, 1971, against Australia. He played an inning of 82 runs at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCC).

First ODI Century: The record of scoring the first century in an ODI is in the name of Dennis Amiss of England. He played a historic inning of 103 runs against Australia. He played this inning against Australia on August 24, 1972.

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Conclusion on Most Double Centuries in ODI Cricket – 2024

Double centuries in ODI cricket are a rare and extraordinary feat, reserved for a select few who have redefined the boundaries of batting excellence. These innings have captured the imagination of fans worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the cricketing landscape. As the game continues to evolve, the pursuit of double centuries will undoubtedly remain a thrilling spectacle, a testament to the human spirit’s ability to achieve the remarkable.

FAQ on Most Double Centuries in ODI Cricket

Question 1. What is a double century in ODI cricket?

Answer. A double century in ODI cricket refers to a batsman scoring 200 runs or more in a single innings during a One Day International match, which consists of a maximum of 50 overs per side.

Question 2. How rare are double centuries in ODIs?

Answer. Double centuries in ODIs are extremely rare. Currently, there have been only a handful of instances where a batsman has reached or surpassed the 200-run mark in an ODI match. 12 cricketers have scored 14 double century in ODI cricket.

Question 3. What is the significance of double centuries in ODI cricket?

Answer. Double centuries in ODI cricket are not just statistical landmarks but have also served to inspire generations of aspiring cricketers. They have demonstrated that even the most daunting challenges can be overcome with unwavering determination and skill.

So this is the end of the list of Double Centuries in ODI. Hope you like it.

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