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Most catches in International cricket till 2024

Most catches in International cricket: In the fast-paced world of cricket, every moment counts. A split-second reaction, a perfectly timed leap, and suddenly the tide of the game can turn. We celebrate the powerful strokes, the cunning yorkers, the audacious sixes, but one often-overlooked skill deserves its moment in the spotlight: catching.

Taking a stunning catch is an art form. It requires anticipation, athleticism, and nerves of steel. A fielder needs to read the batsman’s stroke, judge the trajectory of the ball, and then position themselves to execute the grab. And when they do it right, it’s a thing of beauty – a blur of movement, a flash of leather, and the sweet click of the ball nestled in the fielder’s palms.

Most catches in International cricket

So, who are the masters of this elusive art? Who are the men (and women, soon hopefully!) who have left their mark on the record books with the most catches in international cricket? Let’s dive into the world of the “Sticky Fingers Club” and meet the legends who have redefined the art of the catch.

Most catches in International cricket till 2024

Cricket, often dubbed the “gentleman’s game,” is a sport that demands excellence in various aspects, and catching is certainly one of them. Fielding prowess plays a crucial role in determining a team’s success, and over the years, several players have showcased their brilliance by taking the most catches in international cricket.

Here is the list of the most catches in International cricket:

S.No.PlayerSpanMatchesInningsCatchesCatches per inning as a fielder
1.DPMD Jayawardene1997-20156527684400.572
2.RT Ponting1995-20125607173640.507
3.LRPL Taylor2006-20224505463510.642
4.JH Kallis1995-20145196643380.509
5.R Dravid1996-20125095713340.584
6.V Kohli2008-20245226213140.505
7.SP Fleming1994-20083964803060.637
8.SPD Smith2010-20243274233040.718
9.GC Smith2002-20143474542920.643
10.ME Waugh1988-20023724882890.592
11.JE Root2012-20243394572880.630
12.BC Lara1990-20074305372840.528
13.AR Border1978-19944295472830.517
14.Younis Khan2000-20174085032810.558
15.M Azharuddin1984-20004335092610.512
16.SR Tendulkar1989-20136648232560.311
17.MJ Clarke2003-20153945002530.506
18.AB de Villiers2004-20184203882480.639
19.CH Gayle1999-20214835602400.428
20.CL Hooper1987-20033294142350.567
21.SR Waugh1985-20044936422230.347
22.MJ Guptill2009-20223674052220.548
23.IVA Richards1974-19913084182220.531
24.TM Dilshan1999-20164975502210.401
25.PD Collingwood2001-20173013572180.610
26.DA Warner2009-20243724752170.456
27.HM Amla2004-20193494542140.471
28.MA Taylor1989-19992173102130.687
29.AN Cook2006-20182573952120.536
30.MEK Hussey2004-20133023752100.560
Most catches in International cricket

The King of Catches: Most catches in International cricket

At the top of the pile stands the undisputed king of catches, the Sri Lankan maestro Mahela Jayawardene. With a staggering 440 catches across all formats, Jayawardene’s safe hands patrolled the slips cordon for nearly two decades, earning him the nickname “Mr. Dependable.” His acrobatic dives, his anticipation like a cat stalking its prey, and his infectious enthusiasm made every catch a highlight reel moment.

The Aussie All-rounder: Most catches in International cricket

Hot on Jayawardene’s heels is the iconic Australian all-rounder Ricky Ponting. Ponting’s 364 catches may not quite match Jayawardene’s tally, but his impact on the game was undeniable. Known for his fierce competitiveness and acrobatic leaps, Ponting holds the record for most catches in the ICC Cricket World Cup, with a staggering 28 grabs in just 46 matches.

The South African Stalwart: Most catches in International cricket

Another all-format great, the South African Jacques Kallis, occupies the third spot with 338 catches. Kallis was a versatile fielder, equally adept at gully as he was in the slips. His long reach and strong hands made him a nightmare for batsmen, and his calm demeanour under pressure inspired confidence in his teammates.

The Wall of Catches: Most catches in International cricket

No list of great catches would be complete without mentioning the Indian legend Rahul Dravid. Dravid, affectionately known as “The Wall,” wasn’t just a rock-solid batsman; he was also a magician in the slips. His 334 catches, with 210 of them coming in Test matches, stand as a testament to his dedication and skill. Dravid’s anticipation, concentration and soft hands turned the gully into his personal fortress.

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Beyond the Numbers: Most catches in International cricket – 2024

These are just a few of the players who have etched their names in the annals of catching greats. But the beauty of the “Sticky Fingers Club” lies not just in the numbers, but in the stories each catch tells. The diving grab that turned the tide of a match, the leaping effort that defied gravity, the outstretched hand that plucked a seemingly impossible chance – these are the moments that make cricket truly special.

As the game evolves, with batsmen hitting the ball harder and faster than ever before, the art of catching takes on even greater significance. The fielders of today are pushing the boundaries of athleticism, with stunning dives and gravity-defying leaps becoming the norm. The future of catching is bright, and one thing is for sure: the members of the “Sticky Fingers Club” will continue to inspire and amaze us with their superhuman reflexes and unwavering dedication to the art of the grab.

So, the next time you watch a cricket match, don’t just focus on the runs and the wickets. Take a moment to appreciate the brilliance of the fielders, the men and women who transform impossible catches into routine brilliance. They are the silent heroes of the game, the ones who turn desperation into delight, and their place in the cricketing pantheon is undeniable.

FAQ on Most catches in International cricket – 2024

Question 1: Who has the most catches in international cricket?

Answer: Mahela Jayawardene of Sri Lanka holds the record for most catches in international cricket across all formats with 440 grabs.

Question 2: Who are the top 5 catchers in international cricket?


  • 1. Mahela Jayawardene (Sri Lanka): 440 catches
  • 2. Ricky Ponting (Australia): 364 catches
  • 3. LRPL Taylor (New Zealand): 351 catches
  • 4. Jacques Kallis (South Africa): 338 catches
  • 5. Rahul Dravid (India): 334 catches

Question 3: What is the record for most catches in a single format?


  • Test cricket: Rahul Dravid with 210 catches
  • One-Day Internationals (ODIs): Ricky Ponting with 162 catches
  • Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is): David Warner (Australia) with 75 catches

Question 4: Who has the record for most catches in a single innings?


  • Test cricket: 7 catches by Mark Taylor (Australia) and AB de Villiers (South Africa)
  • ODIs: 6 catches by Marcus North (Australia) and Jonty Rhodes (South Africa)
  • T20Is: 5 catches by Shakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh) and Kieron Pollard (West Indies)

Question 5: Who has the most catches in the ICC Cricket World Cup?


  • Ricky Ponting with 28 catches in 46 matches.

Question 6: Are there any female cricketers with a significant number of catches?


  • Suzie Bates (New Zealand) holds the record for most catches in Women’s ODIs with 116.
  • Charlotte Edwards (England) is the leading catcher in Women’s T20Is with 50 grabs.

Question 7: Do specialized positions in the field affect the number of catches taken?


  • Yes, fielders positioned in the slips cordon (between gully and point) typically have more opportunities to take catches due to the trajectory of balls edged off the bat.
  • Wicketkeepers also have a high number of catches due to their proximity to the batsman.

Question 8: How is the quality of catches judged?


  • Difficulty of the catch (diving, running, overhead)
  • Reaction time and anticipation
  • Cleanness of the grab
  • Impact on the game

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